Ramón Perez

Ramón is a Canadian freelance cartoonist and writer working predominantly in comic books, children's books and magazines as a graphic storyteller. An honours graduate of the illustration program at Sheridan College, he has been creating art professionally for 15 years.

Ramón was nominated for the 2008 Silver Birch Awards for Fear this Book and is Shuster nominated for his independent projects Kukuburi and Butternutsquash. His repertoire of clients includes Marvel, DC Comics, Dark Horse Comics, Archaia Publishing, Owl Kids, Wildstorm, Inhabit Media, Scholastic Canada, Lucasarts, Epitome Pictures, Hasbro, Wizards of the Coast, Sjgames, and Palladium Books Inc. amongst many others.

Recent career highlights include Captain America and the First Thirteen, Deadpool Team-Up #883, and the upcoming graphic novel Tale of Sand which Ramón is directly adapting from the original screenplay by Jim Henson and Jerry Juhl for Archaia publishing. Ramón lives in Toronto.

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