Neil Christopher

Neil moved to Resolute Bay, Nunavut, after teachers' college. There he worked as a high school science teacher, helping to develop a community school (in the past students were sent to a residential school in Pond Inlet). During his time in Resolute Bay, Neil fell in love with the North—the landscape, the wildlife, and the culture.  It was also in those first years in the North, that Neil was introduced to the rich mythology of the Canadian Inuit.  Through the stories and artwork of his high school students, Neil began to take an interest in the oral history of the Arctic.

For the last ten years, Neil has been researching Inuit myths and legends and has used this research to develop publications for children, youth and adults.  Currently, Neil works more as an editor for Inhabit Media Inc., but he hopes to continue his collaborative work with Nunavummiut on children’s books.

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